Everything flows, evolves, transforms. The water under the bridge as well as a stormy sky, the goals we set in our lives as well as the product lines of a company.

Founded in 2005 to produce 100% Made in Italy stainless steel faucets for the domestic environment, A2F has decided to expand its field of action to professional/commercial kitchen taps, obviously maintaining the same philosophy of quality.

For this reason, in order to define more clearly the marketing channel, it was decided to introduce a new brand (BRESCHI) that will gradually support the “historical” one (A2F).

The new brand “BRESCHI®”, whose payoff is “quality without compromise”, will be used gradually for the domestic lines, while the historical brand A2F® for the professional ones.

Obviously, the new brand will need a certain period of time to become “autonomous” and will therefore be temporarily “helped” in all communications by the “historical” one, merging into a “BRESCHI® by A2F®” that wants to synthesize past, present and future united by the same common factor: the quality.