In these gigantic silos, a great olive oil producer (San Giuliano) store his oil.

In this beautiful battery of silos (Azzini) are aged the famous wines of Valpolicella(Dal Forno).

These two giant silos, designed to hold beer, are on their way to a Heineken plant.

This stylish battery of silos (Cepi), perfectly stores hundreds of tons of grain.

Tape for visual inspection of peeled tomato (Cavalieri).

This array of containers (Inoxtecnica Veronese) is intended for the maturation of honey.

These tanks at one of Granarolo‘s plants are used to store milk.

Beer – Cereals – Milk – Honey – Oil – Tomatoes – Wine … are just a few of the foods, liquid or solid, that are stored in these large silos.

Do you think they are made of brass? No! They are made of stainless steel!

Like A2F‘s taps ….

If hundreds of companies have decided to preserve the “health” of their products by using stainless steel, instead of “alternative” materials such as brass, there must be a reason!

One of the main reasons is this: brass contains Lead (a heavy metal toxic-harmful-carcinogenic) that is released to the liquids with which it comes into contact and develops with time an oxide called “verdigris” that is considered toxic by EFSA and ECHA.

Brass silos would “compromise” the products stored in them and would irreparably alter their taste.

And how do you preserve your health and that of your loved ones?

Do you know what material your faucet is made of?

Is it made of stainless steel?

Or is it by chance made of brass containing Lead?!