I dreamt of them in gold

but they’re better

made from steel









Dreams of gold, made with steel…

“When I was a child I often asked myself why gold was so precious.

Adults would explain that it was because gold never oxidises and lasts forever.

As a teenager, rather naively, I asked myself why stainless steel isn’t as precious as gold, given its ability to remain unchanged over time, even when subject to extreme chemical, oxidation and mechanical stress.

As I progressed in my studies, I naturally understood.

Thus, as an adult, when I established my tap factory, I decided that the taps I produce must last forever, longer than the kitchen where they are fitted and longer than the home where the kitchen itself is fitted.

I knew they would have to be made from stainless steel.”

Taps as


“Yes, stainless steel is taken from a single block of metal for milling and turning. After studying metals and their production, it was easy to understand that stainless steel also produces different levels of quality if produced for moulding or fusion,  rather than milling and turning.

Thus, in order to remain faithful to my beliefs, I thought that, whatever it costs, I would never compromise.  If I wanted my taps to last forever, I would have to ensure that every internal and external element would be made from the same block of metal, like a sculpture, so that the rigidity of the solid piece and the perfections of the crystals in the metal block are exactly transferred into the pieces of the tap.”

Quality without compromise


“Nowadays, our brand motto is “quality without compromise” because this is the simple truth.
Everything I create seeks to stop time.
This is the utopian objective of my productions.
You may consider me an idealist,
but I make the world’s best taps.”

Love of water

“I’m from Genoa and water is my element. I’ve always loved it. For me, this work is my natural expression as an entrepreneur. Basically, when you design taps, you are designing water flows, which make water available in the home, right into your hands.  From Genoa, I moved to the foothills of Monte Rosa, on the slopes of a stream that carries melted ice down from the alpine peaks.  Here I have water in a state of purity. Clear water. Transparent. This is why I consider this place to be the ideal production site.

However, I remain deeply connected to the sea.  My horizon is always that blue line between Capo Mele and La Palmaria.

That’s why all my taps have “sea” names.”

Maurizio Breschi

April 2019

Breschi, a brand of A2F srl


A2F srl was established in 2005 by the entrepreneur Maurizio Breschi.

Maurizio Breschi’s entrepreneurial approach makes A2F srl a firm focussed on product quality and continuous technological renewal. Research, prototypes, experiments, re-design and production are all stages in the firm’s pipe-line.


Maurizio Breschi’s entrepreneurial dream for A2F srl concerns respectful use of water, taking it purely into individual homes. He works mainly with kitchens, but also has exclusive bathroom lines.

This dream has filed 9 patents in 15 years of business.


A2F (with the Breschi brand) also produces bespoke lines for clients in the construction and design industries, or private individuals with specific needs, which require made to measure planning and a dedicated production chain.


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