Sciabica L2

With Buga lever
Material: machined from solid stainless steel for turning and milling.
Type of steel: AISI 304 stainless steel
Terminal covered in technopolymer.
It has no internal brass parts.
Kitchen mixer compliant with the so-called “Water bonus”, Law 178/2020 art. 1 paragraph 63 b, with standard flow rate equal to 5 liters per minute.
On request, flow rates 7 l / min and 8 l / min.
Dimensions: download the technical sheet

Sciabica is the son of an ergonomic project, a model in which the excellent functional design becomes an aesthetic value. The mixer control is from the front. It can be controlled without the hand ever intercepting the water flow. Not even when it is moved to spray different points of the sink, a particularity that improves its ergonomics and usability. The idea starts from the model of the street fountain where the water comes out by pressing the button. I wanted to create a faucet that appealed to design professionals. To this day, these are still the enthusiasts who come to me for Sciabica in one of its many finishes and variants.


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