True architecture in steel. Normally such complex designs aren’t made from stainless steel because milling is much more complicated and expensive. There’s nothing similar produced anywhere in the world in stainless steel and perhaps not even in brass. Designed as a series for the American market, complete with a Bar Faucet, a true icon across the Atlantic for those who see the kitchen as an extension of the bar. It has a vaguely neo-classical style, which indicates the North American sensibility for Palladio’s designs.

The Pot Filleris, also popular in the US, is  a very easy mono water tap designed specifically to fill pots and pans directly on the stove top. Unlike other Pot Fillers on the market, it’s joins have no oscillations due to tolerance precision to a tenth of a millimetre. The collection is very extensive and complete. As well as the three traditional configurations (standard, extractable head, lateral shower head with coordinated aesthetics), it also offers a Bar Faucet and Pot Filler.