Stainless steel

As precious as gold but available to all.


AISI 304/304L and AISI 316/316L steel, shine that lasts over time.

Breschi stainless steel taps are made from AISI 304/304L and AISI 316/316L austenitic stainless steel, according to the highest international standards, including the very strict American standard NSF/ANSI 61.

Steel is sometimes still classified 18/8 or 18/10.  These are old names, now completely surpassed by international standards (UNI/EN – AISI/ASTM).

Thus, when you purchase a Breschi tap, you can be certain that you have a quality product, based on the raw materials used.

“Every element that of a Breschi tap is taken from a massive block of steel, like a monolithic marble sculpture”.


Pieces taken from a single block of steel, with maximum depth and surface molecular density.

All Breschi taps are fully made from stainless steel, without any parts in brass or other metals.  All elements of a Breschi tap are taken from a massive block of stainless steel for turning and milling, with numerical control machines operating on 5 axis.

Every element of a Breschi tap is extracted from a solid block of metallic material, like a sculpture is carved from a block of marble. The result is elements with a very high molecular density, both on the surface and inside the metallic mass.

Having all stainless steel elements from a solid block of metal guarantees smooth, compact surfaces, which are not porous. Such surfaces are resistant to corrosion and nothing adheres to them: bacteria, calcium or detergent residue. The numerically controlled production of high quality steel allows creation of components which are then joined with perfect seams, made with extreme tolerance.  Thus, every mechanism will have fluid mechanical movements and the assembled tap will have no elements to detract from a stability that will remain unaltered over time.


Deep quality, inside and out, always stainless steel.

Breschi taps are made from stainless steel both inside and outside, in every one of their components.  Even the smallest mechanism is a perfect sculpture.  This production rigour makes it possible to generate high quality manufacture using only stainless steel in contact with the water flow, to which a mechanical assembly function can be delegated for the structure of the mixers or valves.

AISI 304/316 steel

The quality choice for a tap that is always perfect.

AISI 304/316 steel is the most prestigious version of stainless steel, the only kind legally allowed to come into contact with drinking water. It is very brilliant and resistant to oxidation and corrosion, maintaining shine even in difficult environments. This is a very chemically stable steel, which is why it is used in the food industry, even in places where there is a constant presence of water and food with various levels of acidity.  Its physical and chemical stability ensures that stainless steel will last forever.


Always just steel, no chrome plating, no alloys made from copper and lead.

Without porousness, it is not possible for bacteria and impurities to adhere, as they do to taps made from brass or economic steel made for fusion. Even calcium adheres less to surfaces with high molecular density.  This facilitates cleaning. Breschi taps practically clean themselves and do not require excessive use of detergents or “shining” products, necessary for more economic taps.

If the surface is solid and non-porous, even detergents used for cleaning, as well as bacteria, impurities and calcium, slide away in a moment just using water. Above all, a stainless steel tap is a healthy tap. This is because stainless steel is an extremely stable metal which never alters, neither through contact with water nor contact with common domestic detergents.

However, normal taps are made from chromed brass or brass with a steel exterior. Brass is an alloy of copper, zinc and lead, which oxidises and over time produces a dark or green veined patina of copper sulphate, which is inevitably released into water flow just like heavy particles of lead and nickel. This is why taps made fully from stainless steel are preferable, especially for kitchens, which come into contact with food or from which drinking water is taken.

“For kitchen taps, which come into contact with food or from which drinking water is taken, stainless steel is the only choice, without chrome plating or  alloys made from copper and lead“.


A metal which is always clean, beautiful and shiny.

A stainless steel tap always retains its beauty. This is because it doesn’t alter when cleaned with lime scale remover or other kitchen detergents. Thus, if you always want kitchen taps that look shiny and new, you must purchase stainless steel taps, without components made from other metals or lower value alloys. This will allow more frequent cleaning, even without aggressive detergents. There is no risk of seeing the appearance of green traces of copper sulphate, as occurs with normal taps made from chrome plated brass or steel with brass parts. Chrome plating always fades away over time, leaving the brass open to oxidation.  Green veins of copper sulphate appear. Copper, together with zinc and lead, is used to make brass alloys. Breschi uses very high density stainless steel for their taps, AISI 304/316. Unlike others, this maintains unequalled shine over time.


Follow your emotions, you will find quality…

The advantage of having a stainless steel tap with all components taken for turning and milling from a solid block of metal is that tolerances of various pieces are very limited. At an emotional level, this will mean soft and smooth movements and the possibility of managing water flow with great precision. Even taps for the most complex kitchens, if made from steel taken from the same block of metal, are stable, flexible and reliable. Someone has written that true luxury excites the senses. Breschi does so by generating an immediate sense of marvel from the first contact. Breschi taps seek to produce a pleasurable sensorial experience, without wishing to be classified as simple “luxury objects.” Breschi stainless steel taps seek to generate an emotional relationship with those who recognise and appreciate quality without compromise in a stainless steel kitchen tap.


Resulting from design based on excellence

Breschi stainless steel taps are the result of research and experiments based on people’s real daily needs and are designed for various kitchen configurations to be used in all kinds of interior design. Breschi does not develop abstractly designed projects. It’s ideas are based on concrete necessity. Every model meets specific needs. Every tap is an object designed to generate an instinctive and functional relationship with the user.

The collection

Breschi’s sole objective is to pursue excellence without compromise and it has achieved this through the creation of a collection based on a small range of models, each of which is an archetype of real functional necessity. Breschi products are the answer to all your kitchen tap needs.


All that glitters isn’t stainless steel

The quality and advantages of steel produced for milling and turning from a single block of metal are not the same when the parts are made for pressing or micro-fusion.  Micro-fusion generates metallic pieces with irregular density which lose their integrity as soon as they are produced. One example is Chinese products or inexpensive European products of low quality. Often these objects rust in critical points, lose shine, attract dirt and calcium on surfaces and change colour with the use of normal detergents. In some cases, such as the least expensive chrome-plated brass, taps can spontaneously dismantle and break after normal usage.

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