While the waters of the Anza torrent continue to flow,

as they have done for millennia,

from the 4,400 metres of the Belvedere Glacier (Monte Rosa) towards Piedimulera,

smoothing and shaping the rocks it meets in its flow,

at A2F they have invented something new, or rather ancient …

So, while “gutta cavat lapidem”, at A2F they come up with

der Trog

der Trog gerade
der Trog chròmmen


der Kläpp

der Trog gerade
der Trog chròmmen

two bathroom sculptures of Italian know-how

Ergonomically designed to rediscover the healthy pleasure of washing your face in the morning with plenty of fresh water, without flooding the floor.

Carved by hand to guarantee the uniqueness of each piece.

Made using an exclusive material, a marble from the Mesozoic era,
available in multiple colours and shades that make each carved block unique, which is quarried exclusively at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif, in the area where the Pennidian Dominion intersects with the seabed of the Lost Ocean, the ancient ocean from the Jurassic era from which the Alps originated.

Unique, numbered objects, which, due to the intrinsic characteristics of the construction material and manual workmanship, guarantee the purchaser a unique object that will never be equalled in the world.

Embellished with exclusive details such as:

  • GENUINOX® stainless steel faucets from A2F (also with PVD finish)

  • self-emptying safety drain with overflow function (see how it works on the A2F Youtube channel)