Leudo R

Material: billet stainless steel for milling and turning Steel type: AISI 304 stainless steel It does not have internal brass parts. Kitchen mixer compliant with the so-called “Water bonus”, Law 178/2020 art. 1 paragraph 63 b, with standard flow rate equal to 5 liters per minute. On request, flow rates 7 l / min and 8 l / min. Dimensions: download the technical sheet

"As a child, I spent my most peaceful moments on the pier fishing conger after sunset. This tap has the rod designed like a hook for conger eels. It may be for this reason that it has had greater diffusion in Florida, coincidentally close to the sea of the Sargassi. In recent years, however, the demand from Australia and New Zealand has had a decisive surge, confirming the universality of the style of this model conceived as a fishing hook ".
Maurizio Breschi


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